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The Geek Labs Virtual Assistant Training Program is the premier training program that specializes in helping you start your Virtual Assistant Business.

Already have a VA Business? Awesome! The Geek Labs also helps you grow and expand your current skill set to create a kick-ass business.

Before the VA training program, I had 1 client at 20 hours a month. Now, almost a year later, I have 7 clients, work 25 hours a week, and make as much as I did working part time as a registered nurse.I turn potential clients away regularly, as I’m completely satisfied with my balance of work and home life. The VA Training Program set me up for success. Ali breaks things down in a way that allowed me to step-by-step learn what I was doing. I regularly refer back to the labs when I need a refresher, and my clients are always impressed when they want to try something new and I already know how to do it because of the training program. I feel doing this program has put me a level above other VAs, and it gives potential clients a reference point when they ask about your training. Thanks so much Ali, you’re the best!

- Elizabeth Errico,

Discover How to Land High-End Clients
for your Virtual Assistant Business

Learn the Secret Recipe to Filling your VA Business with Ideal Clients & Learn How to Boost Your Monthly Retainer Hours.

In this video series for Virtual Assistants and Wanna-be Virtual Assistants, I will show you how to land high-end clients for your Virtual Assistant Business.

This is about creating a successful practice full of high-end clients for your business.

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Our Community Loves the VA Training Program
Read what a few have to say about it…

Ali Rittenhouse shines with positive energy. After my initial conversation with Alicia, I knew I had to be in her Mentorship group. She was easy to chat with, full of knowledge and ideas, and very eager to help me turn my business into a success. Needless to say, my gut instinct was correct. With Ali’s Mentorship program, I have tripled my income and my client list!Not only has Ali helped me to define my strengths and use them to benefit my business but she has also guided me in overcoming my weaknesses and self doubt. The Mentorship program has given me the knowledge and skill to market my business in creative and fun ways that suit my personality. With Ali’s guidance, I have also systemized crucial processes and organized my overall business structure. Overall, I have embraced my geekiness and am now PROUD of my VA biz, thanks to Ali’s Kick-Ass Program!

Jen Puckett
Jen Puckett http://jenpuckett.com

I have been a virtual assistant for over 6 years and absolutely love what I do however, I lacked even the basic technical knowledge and found myself outsourcing to other virtual assistants. I won a place on Ali’s “Geek Technical Training Course” and can honestly say that this has been THE BEST EVER technical training I have received. My knowledge has been greater and I can now do things for my clients that I never thought I could. From basic html to shopping carts, the list is endless. Now I can save my clients time and money because I do all the work myself. I would like to thank Ali Rittenhouse, from the bottom of my heart because without her expert, easy to learn, technical training modules, I’d still be muddling along. THANK YOU!

Martha Christie
Martha Christie Martha’s SOS

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I am a new VA company and decided to go on Alicia’s Geek program for 2 reasons. Firstly, I really wanted to learn some new techy skills to complement my traditional offline skills. Secondly, I saw a few of Alicia’s videos and her interview with Michelle Dale and thought she seemed really cool and enthusiastic and my type of person.I am pleased to say I now feel so much more confident when thinking about my skills. I can now create email lists, autoresponders, wordpress websites…the list is endless! And Alicia is so cool. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she really makes you feel welcome and like no question is too stupid. I love the video tutorials and the facebook group. She spells everything out so simply that you don’t even realize how much you’re learning.

Christina Tiffney
Christina Tiffney

When I saw that one of the top geek virtual assistants in the industry was teaching us all how to be Geeks, I had to sign up. One of the things I like best about the labs is they can all be downloaded and watched/reviewed at my own pace. Alicia will be at my virtual side for the next weeks and months as I master these skills. Having been a Corporate Admin for 25 years, I knew I had the ability to be a VA. Once I got into it, I found the skills required were very different! (I was used to calendar management/working in Microsoft Office.) Now I was in the world of Constant Contact, WordPress, and 1SC. I needed to learn those new skills. Alicia’s program covered all that and more! This was the all-in-one that I had been looking for! Alicia’s style is warm and friendly – no question is too stupid (thanks Alicia!). She’s very knowledgeable and is open about sharing her knowledge and advice.

Sheryl M. Snitkin
Sheryl M. Snitkin