The Founder

I’m Ali Rittenhouse—Tech Cheerleader, Digital Diva + Empress of Online Empires.

When we awaken our inner geek, the income we can earn—and the impact we can make—is beyond our wildest dreams. I’m building my very own online empire from my small-town home, helping women 'round the world go from totally tech-phobic to full-tilt Geek-Ali-Cious—with tools & techniques that create buzz for your business, while bringing you towards your boldest potential.

Technology makes everything possible.
So, what’s possible for YOU?

How was Virtual Assistant Training Program the Created?

The Geek Labs Virtual Assistant Training Program was founded in 2010 when I was a very-well known and respected "Techie Virtual Assistant".

I saw a lack of Virtual Assistants offering services that helped the client truly grow their business, which is really the support that high-end clients need.

The Geek Labs specializes in helping to create successful Virtual Assistant Businesses. This all-in-one program is complete with the exact skills clients need and are looking for paired with the how to steps to set up a successful online business.

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