There is a way to be a Virtual Assistant and have a successful business that has paying clients coming back every month! Do you know what is possible for success in your business?

Would you like to fill your practice with clients who keep coming back every month?

We (Tess Strand, Founder of the VA Forums & Ali Rittenhouse, Founder of the Geek Labs Technical Training Program) have a free webinar replay happening that your business cannot afford to miss where I will show you how to land high-end clients for your Virtual Assistant Business. This is about creating a successful practice full of high-end clients.

Bring a waiting list of potential high-end clients to your business that cannot wait to work with you!

If your business is working you rather than you working it, join me to learn how the VA Industry is shifting and what you can do to hop on board.

Learn the secrets of what it takes to truly fill your practice with the exact high-end clients you are looking for.

  • why retainer relationship are important
  • the importance of charging your worth
  • the top Tech Skills needed to assist high-end clients
  • why they are important for your own business too.

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