The Only Program Your Virtual Assistance Business Needs To Succeed
Imagine working from HOME. 
Doing the work you LOVE. 
While making more MONEY.
With thousands of entrepreneurs creating new businesses every day, the need for kick-ass Techie Virtual Assistants continues to grow.

There are currently more entrepreneurs with home offices than Techie VAs. 

Once you master the fundamentals of online marketing technology, you become a VA that high-end clients desire to hire onto their team. Clients are looking for someone who can handle their marketing, technology, and website so they can focus on creating and servicing their clients.

How do I know all this?

Well, for 7+ years, I was a Techie Virtual Assistant to some bad-ass 6 & 7-figure earning clients, I learned more in those 7 years than any college degree could have given me. And I have brought magic to my clients’ businesses. To date some of my accomplishments include:
  • Moderating over 100+ Teleclass calls (which includes setting everything up in the process as well – the whole 9 yards)
  • Successfully helping a client grow her list by 10K
  • Part of a 5-figure product launch in one day
  • 5-figure & 6-figure program launches
  • Helped clients achieve the 6-figure level, year after year
So you could I say, I know what it takes.
And I want to teach YOU how to 
create the same for your clients.
What would you do if you had all the skills to bring
the same Magic to your business & your clients?

When you come into the online world, it can be overwhelming. It is completely different than anything you've ever imagined. And when you don't know, you don't know. You can't make a list of services to assist clients if you don't know exactly what they need.

What is EVERY client looking for?

  • Someone who knows the ins and outs of helping them make money through their website.
  • Someone who is efficient getting the tasks done.
  • Someone who can confidently make suggestions and help strategize.
  • Someone who knows how to create a product and all of the steps in between without having to be told what to do.
Did I mention that you could increase your
monthly income by $2000 with these skills?

Yes, you could be heading towards a minimum of a 24K/year raise with a full practice of 100 billable hours, which would increase your annual income by an average of $24,000/year.

With what I am going to show you, you will be able to rock your clients’ worlds with skillz while charging anywherefrom $55-$125/hour

How is that for your wallet and Return On Investment? 

Now that is not a promise or guarantee – this is all up to you baby!

Your Potential is Up to You. 
Why not make it Sky-Rocket!

Creating a successful VA Business is up to you but I will give you all the tools you need. Not only will you learn the techie nuts & bolts that client's are looking for but you will also receive training and coaching to help you build a strong business. This program is for established VA's & those who have no VA business but are strongly committed to starting one.

Now wouldn’t you like to be able to:

  • Charge a minimum of $20/hour more than your current rate.
  • Work in a strategic relationship rather than on a project basis.
  • Have a set 10-hour package that you can offer to clients during the consultation process.
  • Have a lot of fun helping your clients grow their businesses, knowing that you had a hand in the growth.
What level of skills do you need to be at?

Being a coder is not required.

There is no possible way to turn you into a coder so it is required that you have some basic knowledge and experience working with HTML coding. Before the class starts you will receive an HTML 101 Course that will help to prepare you for the lab work. What I will teach you are options of how to manipulate simple code, newsletters and forms. These are the most important items that you will need to know as a Techie VA. You will also learn how to create landing pages and other needs that may come up as task requests.

Once I show you the core fundamentals you will be well on your way to becoming a Superstar Techie VA.

Lab 1 - Efficient and Productive

This is the most important step to get in place before you become a Superstar Geek Goddess! You must get systems in place for your clients so that your time is used efficiently and effectively! I will give you tools, systems, and recommendations on products that will help you along the way.

Labs 2 - Email Marketing { Forms, Ezines, Autoresponders }

These are the first items all clients want me to setup for them. Start implementing them for new and current clients immediately after this Lab. You will know the difference between programs, how to customize, implement, and set up campaigns. There is so much content in this lab that we take two weeks to complete it.

Lab 3 - WordPress Websites { Installing WordPress, the 3 P’s and the Dashboard }

This is the main core of WordPress – How to install WordPress, an overview of Pages, Plugins, Posts, and the Dashboard where everything is located. After this week you will be able to update your clients’ pages and post their blog posts for them. Updating their navigation is important as well and I will help you to understand how it works. Adding and upgrading Plugins will be a cinch. Learn how to install video onto pages and create a navigation bar based on our site’s layout.

Lab 4 - WordPress Continued { Advanced Features of WordPress }

This week you learn more advanced features of WordPress. Blogrolls, FTP, Categories & Tags…and so much more. You will be a WordPress Geek once you have completed this course. I also am including a bonus for you – 3 tutorials that go over customizing themes to create custom websites for clients. You will also learn how to update web forms on the sidebars, upload images and find their URLs for newsletters, and even add a blog roll or categories to the sidebar using Widgets.

Lab 5 - Online Payments

So what is the next biggest demand or problem I am asked to solve? Their website payment issue. They either have one set up already and are unhappy with the setup or have nothing and turn to me as the expert. I will teach you what I know so you can position yourself as the expert. I will even show you how to turn WordPress into a sale making, affiliate tracking machine!

Lab 6 - Product Launches & Membership Sites

This is a biggy and my favorite. I will teach you how to create a marketing schedule for your clients as well as provide you with a sample of what I use. I will walk you through creating the pages with video, audios or other material that needs to be delivered. This lab will include the implementation of items learned in Lab 2 along with what you just learned about WordPress in Labs 3 & 4 and payments in Lab 5. This is where you see everything come together. I will help you understand how the whole system can work. From Sales Page to Payment to Final Steps of delivery of content.

Lab 7 - Affiliate Programs

Affiliates are important for helping your clients reach a new level in their business. I'll walk you through of what Affiliate Programs are and what they contain. Tour of the different programs you can use – Clickbank, Ejunkie, 1ShoppingCart, InfusionSoft, WP-Affiliate. What it really takes for a successful affiliate launch. What to include for the affiliates to help them be successful. Create images and banners for the affiliates. And how to role  out the Affiliate Program.

But wait! That is not all that you will receive. Awesome bonuses are included when you enroll!
BONUS #1 - Starting a Virtual Assistance Business Lab

For the first time, this program gives you everything you need to actually start a Virtual Assistant Business in this bonus lab. If you have always dreamed of creating a business that you can work from anywhere in the world, this is for you. This lab is a HUGE addition to this program!

BONUS #2 - Access to the Student ONLY Forum

At anytime you have questions or problems throughout the course, ask for help in our exclusive Facebook Group that is ONLY for Geek Lab Students and Graduates. I want to make sure that you are a success coming out of this program and I will hold your hand along the way in this group.

BONUS #3 - Create Your OWN Geek website

I receive a lot of attention because of my website and how it screams me with the design. With the skillz you are learning while becoming a Geek, you can implement them into your OWN business. Create a fabulous WordPress website, start building your OWN list, and use social networking as a marketing tool. The possibilities are endless with what you can do with your own business to bring Magic to it. Who knows, by the end of 20-15 you might be launching your first product, reaching the 6-figure mark, and inspiring other VAs to kick butt in their practices!

BONUS #4 - Pre-Labs HTML 101 Help Docs

Because I want you to have nothing but success with this program, I am going to send you a PDF filled with the HTML 101 basics! You will receive this before the class starts. This will help you prepare for the course if you are a complete newbie to it all!

BONUS #5 - SEO Tactics Lab

Learn everything you need to know about basic Search Engine Optimization – tips, skills, plugins and keywords to use to help your clients be found through Google and other search engines.


What to Expect:

Each week you will receive all of the information you need for that week including worksheets, videos, and homework(Don’t worry; your homework is just doing the work hands-on that you are learning).  

You will be able to keep everything – forever! 

Yes, if you don’t use it – you lose it. So I am giving you the opportunity to download everything from the course so that you have it – forever! 

Absolutely no stress of ever forgetting anything you learned! 

Enroll Now to begin building a business you love!
Enroll now for one payment of $1397 or $297 monthly payments
14- Day Money Back Guarantee

I believe in this program with my whole heart. I believe in it so much that I am offering you a 14-day money back guarantee.

If you commit to the program and after 14 days, you don’t feel that I’m delivering everything I said I would and the program is not a good fit, I will happily refund your money. You must turn in all of your homework and be there for the calls. If you give all your effort and it doesn’t work, I will give you a refund. It’s really that simple.

What other VA’s are saying about the
Geek Labs VA Technical Training Program…

"Ali Rittenhouse shines with positive energy. After my initial conversation with Alicia, I knew I had to be in her Mentorship group. She was easy to chat with, full of knowledge and ideas, and very eager to help me turn my business into a success. Needless to say, my gut instinct was correct. With Ali’s Mentorship program, I have tripled my income and my client list! Not only has Ali helped me to define my strengths and use them to benefit my business but she has also guided me in overcoming my weaknesses and self doubt. The Mentorship program has given me the knowledge and skill to market my business in creative and fun ways that suit my personality. With Ali’s guidance, I have also systemized crucial processes and organized my overall business structure. Overall, I have embraced my geekiness and am now PROUD of my VA biz, thanks to Ali’s Kick-Ass Program!"

-- Jen Puckett, Site Stylista

"I had the pleasure of attending Ali’s first Geek Program. Her program provided a wealth of information, and it was delivered in a very digestible way. She always made sure that we understood everything that was covered and went out of her way to explain and make additional videos so we would have them to refer to as needed. Nothing was too much trouble to make sure that her students learned everything that she promised and much more. BUT not only is Ali an excellent teacher I found her to be a dynamic encourager and motivator. Thanks Ali!"

-- Kim Starry

“Alicia’s program has changed the way I look at potential clients. I just wanted to write to you and let you know how very very useful your internship program has been to me. Though I still have a lot to go through, what I have learned so far has really improved my “technical” understanding. The soft skills and other issues I was having, like setting rates, was answered during your nerdy party! What a way to celebrate your birthday! I stayed from the beginning to the end. The best part is that I am beginning to have an idea of what my IDEAL client is. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart”

-- Nica Mandigma, The Virtual Online Assistant

“I am a new VA company and decided to go on Alicia’s Geek program for 2 reasons. Firstly, I really wanted to learn some new techy skills to complement my traditional offline skills. Secondly, I saw a few of Alicia’s videos and her interview with Michelle Dale and thought she seemed really cool and enthusiastic and my type of person.I am pleased to say I now feel so much more confident when thinking about my skills. I can now create email lists, autoresponders, wordpress websites…the list is endless! And Alicia is so cool. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she really makes you feel welcome and like no question is too stupid. I love the video tutorials and the facebook group.She spells everything out so simply that you don’t even realize how much you’re learning.“

-- Christina Tiffney

“When I saw that one of the top geek virtual assistants in the industry was teaching us all how to be Geeks, I had to sign up. One of the things I like best about the labs is they can all be downloaded and watched/reviewed at my own pace. Alicia will be at my virtual side for the next weeks and months as I master these skills. Having been a Corporate Admin for 25+ years, I knew I had the ability to be a VA. Once I got into it, I found the skills required were very different! (I was used to calendar management/working in Microsoft Office.) Now I was in the world of Constant Contact, WordPress, and 1SC. I needed to learn those new skills. Alicia’s program covered all that and more! This was the all-in-one that I had been looking for! Alicia’s style is warm and friendly – no question is too stupid (thanks Alicia!). She’s very knowledgeable and is open about sharing her knowledge and advice.”

-- Sheryl M. Snitkin

"I signed up for Alicia’s Geek Training course to get an edge. I wanted to better myself and my VA business. Alicia went above and beyond everything that was promised. We studied contact management programs, Word Press, and much more with her holding our hands and guiding us every step of the way. She gave us personalized attention and answered all the questions we had, even when they were not a part of her program. This is a must have course for any VA, great content and a fabulous leader. I have gained confidence and clients since taking this course. Thanks Alicia, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made!"

-- Jessica McClenen, Assistance By Jessica

So, if you're ready to make this YOUR BEST YEAR
and MOST PROFITABLE, then sign up below!

I invite you to join me for 14 life-transforming weeks in this program.

If you apply these strategies and tools to your business, I guarantee you will see positive results.

The Geek Labs Technical VA Training Program is designed to give you the confidence skills and tools you need to become a Virtual Assistant Geek!

I am so excited to help you create your best year and learn some fabulous skills that are going to make your clients love you to pieces!!

Have questions? Email me at – ali @

xo, Ali

More <3 Love from the Past Students

“Choosing Alicia’s Geek Goddess Techie Training was a ‘no-brainer’ for me. I had always admired Alicia’s branding style and spunk. I also desperately needed to update my skills so I could stop doing the tasks I disliked and offer my clients the Services they were always requesting. Alicia packaged all of the high-end techie skills I needed in one 6-week bundle and worked her magic to make the Geek Labs fun! Best of all, I left the course with the confidence and ability to position my business for HUGE growth over the coming months. Want to be awesome? You need to take this course!”

-- Lisa McDonell, The Brainy Gal

“I am officially a raving fan.  The video labs were so enjoyable to watch and they each thoroughly explained the material in an easy to understand way. I gobbled up everything Ali put out and the only disappointment was that I reached the end. In addition to what I learned, the training program has given me more confidence in the abilities that I already had and furthered my belief that becoming a virtual assistant was the right choice for my life plan. As I continue to grow my business, I will be turning to Ali for additional guidance and support services.”

-- Katie Bardo

“I am liking Thesis and can’t wait for it to transfer over. Every time I have a question.. Alicia gets it answered in the videos that she created. The information that Alicia educates on is Priceless!!I appreciate the dedication, time and energy that she invested into the class and for us!!”

-- Monica Flannery, Evolutionary Niches

“I have been a virtual assistant for over 6 years and absolutely love what I do however, I lacked even the basic technical knowledge and found myself outsourcing to other virtual assistants. I won a place on Alicia’s “Geek Technical Training Course” and can honestly say that this has been THE BEST EVER technical training I have received. My knowledge has been greater and I can now do things for my clients that I never thought I could. From basic html to shopping carts, the list is endless. Now I can save my clients time and money because I do all the work myself. I would like to thank Alicia Rittenhouse, from the bottom of my heart because without her expert, easy to learn, technical training modules, I’d still be muddling along. THANK YOU!”

-- Martha Christie, Martha’s SOS

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