2 Important Ways to Roll Out the Red Carpet as a Virtual Assistant

Roll Out the Red Carpet as a Virtual Assistant

Within the first year of finding my first client, I had a full practice with a waiting list.
This wasn’t a coincidence, this was by design.
When you’re working on filling your business with ideal clients, you want to be sure to retain them for the long haul.

Quickly and easily implement these 2 ways that will help you roll out the red carpet for all of your Virtual Assistant Clients.

1. Offer a VIP Onboarding Process

Start with a Welcome Packet for each new client that will help you gather important information about your brand new client. ie :: passwords, brand standards, goals, procrastination list, and upcoming events. Having all of this information will help you help them.

Offer each new client an extended onboarding session that will help the two of you bond while giving you a  list of priorities and a plan of action. You can do 90 minutes or an afternoon. Whatever you do, have a plan to guide your client during the time. Remember they’re probably new to this too.

2. Weekly Check-in Calls { off the clock }

These can be quick and easy calls, the consistency behind them is what will give you longterm success. These calls again, aren’t just for the client, they will benefit you immensley. The more you can stay in contact and in sync, the more you can move forward.

If you’re lacking tasks to work on, having one of these calls for 10-15  minutes can help you get tasks to work on to fill your plate for the week. To retain a client longterm, you want to ensure you’re using the hours and helping support them.

These two, simple implements will help you lay the VIP Red Carpet treatment for each brand new client and stand out as a VIP VA.


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