Do THIS to Immediate Increase Your Rates

Outside of launching your business, declaring your rate when your brand new can be incredibly scary.

Especially if you’re charging significantly more than you made at your hourly gig.

Couple things to keep in mind to help shift your perspective…

  1. Your business is requiring you to have technology, tools, and other expenses.
  2. Your former employers were most likely charging significatly more for your skills.

Now that we’ve coverd that, let me share this onetip that will you CONFIDENTLY Raise Your Rates.

1. Have your #’s hanging in front of you.

For me – I had a Retainer vs. PAYG { Pay As You Go } that were on a regular sheet of printer paper – bold and big. Affirmation + Manifestation.

2. $5 / Hour Raise

Every time you get a YES from a new client – your next consult, you will raise your rate $5 / hour.

3. Rinse and Repeat

Rinse and repeat until you’re charging your worth. Whatever number makes you a little nasueas to think about but you know you’re worth.

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