Top 3 Skills EVERY Virtual Assistant Must Have

Top 3 Skills EVERY Virtual Assistant Must HaveAre you thinking about starting a Virtual Assistant Business but not sure what clients are looking for in a VA? OR are you looking to fill your practice but unsure what’s the best services to offer?

Today, you’ll learn the Top 3 Skills EVERY Virtual Assistant MUST HAVE.

1. Administrative Tasks

This is a wide area that can include a plethora of skills. From customer service to inbox and calendar management to travel coordination and so much more.

It’s helpful to have an interest in administrative work because this will come into play in supporting your VA clients.

2. Marketing Management

Again, another wide area in support. You could niche yourself to solely being a Virtual Assistant who supports your client’s marketing efforts from social media management to weekly marketing support.

You might also be asked to keep their website updated and protected or helping to post blog posts for them. I would also consider this to fall under the Techie Virtual Assistant title.

Helping your client develop their content will help them reach a great audience which in turn can help grow their business. By growing their business, it will help YOU grow yours with hours of support.

3. Launch Support

This covers D, all the above in areas of support. From customer service to marketing planning, and project management. Launch Virtual Assistants can really specialize in an area that helps build client’s businesses directly.

The fantastic thing about being a Virtual Assistant is that you can focus on your strengths for supporting clients.

Explore what might work best for you and your business.

Understanding any of these areas and offering these services will help you increase your chances of landing HIGH END Clients.

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