Get Started as A Virtual Assistant in 4 Steps

Get Started as a Virtual AssistantGet started as a Virtual Assistant TODAY. 

Have you always dreamed of owning your own business?

Maybe while working from home?

Do you enjoy administrative, marketing, or techie type of work?

Starting a Virtual Assistant Business might be an avenue to explore.

Becoming a VA was the gateway to entrepreneurship for me 15 years ago. It was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.

At the time, my resume only included being a Receptionist, Office Manager, and Executive Recruiter. I knew how to code and design websites from college but hadn’t actually done any outside of school.

Think you’re ready? Lessssss go.

4 Steps to Getting Started as a Virtual Assistant

Your Web Domain + Website

Easiest thing to use for your business name and website domain is YOUR NAME. This is what clients will share to refer versus a business name. “Hey, you should contact Ali Rittenhouse…”

If your name is long or hard to spell, you could shorten it or add VA to the end. ie :: 

You will need a DOMAIN and HOSTING for your website. You can get a free domain when you purchase hosting at BlueHost Hosting This is who I use for my hosting as well, that is a referral link.

Create Package and Set Rates

You will want to decide on the skills you have to help you determine what you want to offer. Make a list of your qualifications to start thinking about the types of services.

From there it will help you decide what you want to charge for your services.

Setting a rate doesn’t mean you’re stuck in it, it’s a jumping off point to help you get comfortable in your business.

Need help with working through this more? Get instant access to my completely free video series that will help walk you through setting up RETAINER Packages and what you could offer.

Developing a Welcome Packet / Onboarding Process

Create a Red Carpet Experience for each new client you sign. Let them know you’re legit. Set the stage with your hours, how you work, and other information they may need to know in your Terms.

You can also include a questionnaire that gets information from your new client that will help you better assist them. Ask them what they’ve been procrastinating on. Find out what their goals and priorities are to help YOU help THEM.

Prepare a Reach Out / Launch Campaign

Prepare to tell everyone you know that you’re launching a VA Business.

Join other Facebook Groups of other entrepreneurs who could be your ideal client.

As for Referrals. Don’t be afraid of this. People will WANT to help you on your new venture.

Good Luck starting your own business. Need more help setting yourself up for success? Watch  my webinar :: How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business.

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